4 Slot Game Controller Charging Station with 8 Game Cards Storage for Nintendo Switch/Switch Oled /Swith Original Dock /Joy Con Charger Holder Stand

4 Slot Game Controller Charging Station with 8 Game Cards Storage for Nintendo Switch /
Swith Oled Console / Swith Original Dock / Joy Con Charger Holder Stand

Product Features :

1. Charging dock for the SW JoyCon controller ,which used together with the original SW Dock.
2. Has 4 charging slots, which supports charging 1 to 4 JoyCon controllers simultaneously. 
3. With USB2.0 male plug interface and support original SW Dock to provide power input for the product.
4. Extended USB2.0 female socket and support DC5V power output and communication function.
5. Support storage of 8 game cartridges.
6. Compact and concise. Easy to operate and display the controller real-time charging status.

Product usage :

Connect to the original SW Dock and assembly complete to make sure the the product connect to the console dock.

After the original dock is power on, charging indicators of the four JoyCon controller slots will be normally on.

Place the SW console on the original dock and charge the console and JoyCon controllers.

Put the JoyCon controller into any slot to start charge, the indicator light will be blue , After fully charged, the indicator light will be normally green.

The extended USB2.0 interface of the product supports DC5V power output and communication function.

8 game cards can be stored on the top of the product. 

Fully Charged Detection :
When the charging current of controller can maintain less than 40mA for 5 seconds, 
the controller will be regarded as fully charged and will be  green LED .
If the controller has been fully charged, its charging function will be restored when its current is larger than 70mA, 
which means that the green LED goes off and the blue LED lights up. 

Product Parameters:
Input DC Voltage:    5V
Input Current:     1A
Output Voltage: 5V
Charging Current:    ≈200mA*4
Rated Power:    1W*4
Charging Time: 3 hours
Colors: Black / Brown / White

Package include:
1*Charging Dock 

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