Dual Charging Dock With 2 Replaceable Battery Packs For X-one/s/Elite/SS/SX

Dual Charging Dock With 2 Replaceable Battery Packs For X-one/s/Elite/SS/SX
Product Feature
 1.Specified battery for X-ONE wireless controller.
2.Adopt intelligent micro control circuit technology to manage the output.
3.Metal contact with efficient transmission.
4.You can use the Micro charging cable separately to charge the battery and 
there is no need the charging dock. You can also install the battery to the 
controller and then charge it with our charging dock.
5.1100mAh large capacity battery can ensure operations of 30 hours after it is charged for three hours (depending on which game is played because vibration will increase power consumption of the battery). One controller and One S controller are in common use.

Product Parameters:
Input Charging Voltage: 5V Output Voltage: 2.4V
Charging Current: 300mA
Over-voltage Protection: 2.8V
Over-current Protection: ≥1A
Battery Capacity: 1100mAh
Micro Charging Cable: 60CM
Temperature Sensor Protection: ≧50℃
Charging Duration: 3H

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