Mini Portable Charger Charging Dock Station for Nintendo Switch

Mini Portable Charger Charging Dock Station for Nintendo Switch

  Feature :
1.Power input: TYPE-C
2.Suitable for console: SWITCH.
3.This product is a portable mini dock.
4.Data input: TYPE-C male, plug in the console.
5.Support console charging, , with built-in cooling function
6.The bottom comes with non-slip foot pads for more stable placement.
7.The SWITCH LITE console can also be used on this product, but it does not have a screen projection function
8.Equipped with HDMI output interface, can cast screen, small screen becomes larger screen, game visual effects are more shocking.
9.Three-level angle adjustment, which can be adjusted to the best viewing angle according to the actual application scenario, and can also effectively relieve cervical spine fatigue
10.Equipped with 3 USB output interfaces (USB 3.0 * 1, USB 2.0 * 2) , can support 3 switch wired controllers connected at the same time, plug and play, no need to install drivers, multi-player games has more fun.

  Controller parameters:
1.Material: ABS
2.Product color: black
3.Product weight: 0.080kg
4.Product size: 95*70*50mm
5.Note: This product does not contain power

  Electrical parameters:

Power interface:


Operating Voltage:


Working current:

2.6A Aprrox

Output Interface:


USB 2.0*2/USB 3.0*1/HDMI*1/Type-C


  Packaging Parameters:
1.Gross weight: 9 kg
2.Color box size: 145*110*25mm
3.Packing quantity: 60 sets / box
4.Packing size: 440*300*245mm
5.Single package weight: 0.150kg

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