Multi-function Charing Dock With Bluetooth 5.0 For Nintendo Switch

*HDMI Screen Switching to tv
* Multi-Function charging dock
*Wired Internet access
*with bluetooth 5.0  transmitter

  Feature :
1.Power input: TYPE-C
2.Suitable for console: SWITCH.
3.This product is a portable mini dock.
4.Support Bluetooth automatic connection.
5.Data input: TYPE-C male, plug in the console.
6.USB interface, Switch wired controller plug and play.
7.Support console charging, , with built-in cooling function
8.The bottom comes with non-slip foot pads for more stable placement.
9.Three-level angle adjustment, which can be adjusted to the best viewing angle according to the actual application scenario, and can also effectively relieve cervical spine fatigue
10.Support two audio Bluetooth devices of the same model to operate at the same time.The SWITCH LITE console can also be used on this product, but it does not have a screen projection function
11.Equipped with 3 USB output interfaces (USB 3.0 * 1, USB 2.0 * 2) , can support 3 switch wired controllers connected at the same time, plug and play, no need to install drivers, multi-player games has more fun.
12.Supports Bluetooth audio output. Using the latest Bluetooth version Bluetooth 5.0, it can be paired with most Bluetooth audio devices on the market. It can receive the audio output of the console through the Bluetooth audio device and the base Bluetooth connection to achieve better game sound.

  Product parameters:
1.Material: ABS
2.Qty/Ctn: 60pcs
3.Product color: black
4.Meas: 44*31.5*26cm
5.Product weight: 0.080kg
6.Product size: 95*70*50mm
7.Note: This product does not contain power


 Electrical parameters:

Power interface:


Operating Voltage:


Working current:

2.6A Approx.

Bluetooth version:

Bluetooth 5.0

Output Interface:

USB 2.0*2/USB 3.0*1/HDMI*1/Type-C

  Packaging Parameters:
1.Gross weight: 9 kg 
2.Packing quantity: 60 sets / box
3.Packing size: 440*300*245mm
4.Color box size: 145*110*25mm
5.Single package weight: 0.150kg

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