Nintendo Switch/PC/PS3/Android Wired Controller

Nintendo Switch/PC/PS3/Android  Wired Controller 
Without Sensor function

 Product Features:

The controller is a wired game controller.It  is mainly used in conjunction with the SWITCH console by assigning the channel light to the controller.
The controller supports motor vibration and sensor function.It also supports USB connection to the PC computer (PC X-Input function).

Operation Guide

1.Connection Method
Switch Connection
Turn on the console and plug the USB power cable into the SWITCH dock and after connected the corresponding LED light will be on 
PC Connection
Turn on the computer and plug the USB power cable into the computer then the LED1 and LED4 are always on at the same time. (Note: The controller is XINPUT mode on the PC)
2.Turbo Function
Press one or several buttons (A/B/X/Y/L/R/ZL/ZR) and then press the "TURBO" button to set the turbo function.
Press and hold the set turbo button again and then press the "TURBO" button to clear the turbo function of this button.
3. Adjust the Motor Vibration Speed (Only for SWITCH):
Press TURBO button and then the UP direction button to speed up the motor;
Press TURBO button and then the DOWN direction button to slow down the motor;
The motor vibration is divided into 4 levels(0%/30%/70%/100%) and the default level is 70% (Each time turn on the controller)

4.without Sensor function 

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